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Start Here - Overview

The key differences in the new platform and what you should do first.

Encoder Setup

Setting Up Your Hardware or Software Encoder

Logging In

My Streaming Account Keeps Kicking Me Off

Streaming Settings

From A-Z How to Establish Your Streaming Settings

Social Media Pushes

How to Set Up Your Social Media Pushes

Embed Codes

Understanding and Setting Up Your Embed Codes

Appearance Settings​

How to Set Up Your Appearance Settings

User Administration

How To Add Members or Users to Your ChurchStreaming Account

Church Online Platform Embed

Choosing the right embed code to use with the Church Online Platform

Sermon Cloud

What Is Sermon Cloud and How Do I Use It?

prayer cloud

Setting Up Your Prayer Request Feature

Streaming Events

How to Create a Streaming Event


How to Build A Rotator For Your Embed or SermonCloud Page

Wirecast Encoder Setup

Here's a quick walkthrough on how to set up the streaming credentials in your Wirecast software encoder

OBS Encoder Setup

This video is a quick guide walking you through how to set up your streaming credentials in OBS.

Adding ChurchStreaming.Tv To Clover Site

Here's a quick walkthrough on how add ChurchStreaming.Tv to a Clover Site.