Worship together with live streaming created specifically for churches.
Customizable Fully-Hosted Streaming

Customize your live stream layout with effective tools to keep your audience engaged. Include sermon notes, moderated prayer requests, and chat with your congregation in real time.

  • Customizable Live Stream Layout 
  • Sermon Notes (Interactive Notes Coming Soon) 
  • Prayer Requests
  • Embedded Chat 
  • Scripture References 
  • Live Stream Dashboard
Stream Anywhere

Stream to multiple destinations, including your website or church app, and utilize third-party streaming through major platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Apple TV, RTMP feeds and more.

  • Sermon Cloud /YourStreamLive – Live Stream Layout at custom hosted domain 
  • Third Party Streaming 
    • YouTube 
    • FaceBook 
    • Any RTMP Destination 
    • AppleTV 
    • Roku 
    • FireTV 
    • Ministry One App 
    • Many Apps that Accept RTMP or HLS Connections 
  • Embed Anywhere – Multiple Embed Code Options to Choose From
    • Video Only 
    • Stream Details 
      • Speaker, Series, Categories, Passages, Descriptions, Notes 
    • CountDown Timer
Streaming Experience

Attendees will experience world-class viewing through your live, simulated live, and even offline content. Implement features like pre and post roll and built in DVR so viewers can watch from anywhere in the presentation, regardless of when they tuned in.

  •  Live 
  •  Simulated Live 
  •  Pre/Post Roll 
  •  Offline Content 
    •  Video 
    •  Image Rotator 
  •  Count Down 
  •  Downloads 
  •  Automatic Best Stream Choice 
  •  DVR 
Streaming and More

We understand the importance of doing more than just broadcasting your video. Get more out of your streaming service with Churchstreaming.

  • Branded OTT Apps 
    • AppleTV 
    • Roku 
    • FireTV (Coming Soon) 
  •  Add On Channels 
  •  Software Encoder – WireCast 
  •  Multicampus DVR
Scalable Cloud Streaming

No matter your church size, our Content Delivery Network grows with you, from a congregation of 10 to 100K! Regardless of the viewer’s internet connection or screen size, our adaptive bitrate will provide a seamless streaming experience.

  • Suitable for audiences from 10 to 100K
  • Adaptive Bitrate
    • Basic – 720p, 360p, and Audio Only 
    • Standard and Premium – 1080p, 720p, 360p, Audio
  • CDN Delivery
Streaming Management

You get to control your content with our powerful scheduling tool, post-live trimming, and automated archive posting. Include ministry-focused stream information like Bible passages and sermon notes.

  • Scheduling 
    • Schedule out days, weeks, or even months in advance 
    • Create Recurring Streams 
    • Ministry Focused Stream Information 
      • Categories 
      • Series 
      • Bible Passages 
      • Speakers 
      • Sermon/Message Notes 
  • Keywords for Search and SEO 
  • Post-Live Trimming 
  • Automated Archive Posting 
  • RSS/Podcast Feeds Management
Streaming Support

We’re here for you 7 days a week with live, expert support, and performance monitoring. Receive beneficial analytics like who is watching, from where, and how long they were viewing.

  •  Live, Expert Support 7 Days a Week 
  •  Real People Who Care About Your Ministry 
  •  Performance Monitoring 
  •  Analytics 
    •  Who’s Watching 
    •  Where 
    •  How Long (And More) – Coming Soon
Streaming Storage

We provide more than just video storage. Experience a unique Powerful Sermon Management Tool through Sermon Cloud.

  • Easy-to-find  
    • On your site 
    • Popular search engines 
    • Sermon Cloud search page 
  • Speed – System Ensures Delivery Without Buffering/Interruption 
  • Customizable  
  • Look 
  • Feel 
  • Delivery Options 
  • Podcasts and RSS Feeds – With Analytic Information to Subscriptions, Listens, and Downloads