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Live Streaming

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is streaming difficult? 

It may seem daunting, but we’re here to make sure you have the help you need to get up and running as quickly as possible.  We offer a free 30-Day Trial with fully functional features.  We’ll help you get set up and answer all your questions so you have a great experience as you begin to live stream. 

Will this cost me a fortune? 

Starting with equipment, you can find options to fit any budget. The more budget you have, the more options you have, but you don’t need expensive equipment for a great live stream. See our beginner’s article on: What is live streaming and how do I get started at my church? for some basics on what live streaming is and how to begin. 

As for your streaming service, we at include all our features in our plan.  Too many companies offer lower-priced plans to get you signed up, and then you find out the features you want are only in the higher-priced plan, for an extra fee.  Our plan is one price, and it includes everything.   

Why not just use Facebook Live or YouTube – they’re free?

Is “free” really ever free? Someone is paying. What type of ads will be popping up during your stream? If you have trouble, do they have support, where you can talk to a live person – on a Sunday ? has live US based support, 7-days a week, and from 8am – 8pm EST on Sundays. 

Speaking of Equipment, what do I need to stream? 

In reality, all that you need to stream is a camera with an HDMI port and an encoder. 

What’s an encoder?

An encoder converts the data from one format to another. In this case, it takes the feed from your camera and converts it into a format that can be sent to a streaming company like, and broadcast to your platforms. There are two types of encoders:  Software and hardware. See our article: What is live streaming and how do I get started at my church? for some basic information on encoders. 

Can you recommend an encoder?

You need to determine if a software encoder or hardware encoder is best for your needs.  Some of the most popular encoders include Wirecast, Teradek, vMix, TriCaster, Matrox, VID Blaster, and there are many more.

Can you recommend any cameras? 

We sure can! What we have done is compiled a list based on of your desired production level.  

For just streaming your pastor’s sermon without any movement we have found that people like using the following:

  • Camera: (Good Quality) Canon Vixia HF R800  
  • Camera: (Better Quality) Canon VIXIA HF G40  
  • Tripod: Magnus VT-4000 (to keep it steady)  

If you are wanting to have multiple cameras, you will need to add a switcher.   

  • Roland V-1HD – HD Video Switcher    

If you are wanting a more advanced video quality especially if you have a lot of movement you will want one of these cameras.  

  • Panasonic AG-DVX200   
  • Sony PXW-X70 Professional Camcorder  
Can I have my church name/logo on my live stream? Can I have my pastors name at the bottom and display my church's contact information as well as giving information? 

You can add your church logo to the screen using any equipment. However, if you want to include advanced graphics such as picture-in-picture or titles, such as your pastor’s name at the bottom, you will need to purchase encoding software, such as Wirecast. 

Will I need a new website? 

No, you can keep the website you have and we will provide you with an embed code so that you can display your stream right on your website.  If you didn’t have a website, you could live stream to a Facebook Live, YouTube or Vimeo account directly. 

Can I stream to Social media like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook Live? 

Yes. You can direct the stream from the encoder directly to Facebook Live*, Vimeo, or YouTube, as well as direct it to where it will be streamed to your platforms. Just set up your platforms and tell us which platforms to broadcast to and we’ll handle the rest. 

*Read About Facebook Streaming Changes

Can I Archive my recordings? 

Yes, you can! We have even provided you with an embeddable player that you can display on your website so that your congregation can watch On-Demand.  

Can I schedule my services and events? 

Yes, events can be scheduled ahead of time to let your viewers know when your next live stream event will take place and also give you the ability to schedule recurring events within your live streaming dashboard via the embeddable countdown timer. 

Can I use my own equipment? can accept any RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) output. Some encoders to consider are: Wirecast, Teradek, vMix, TriCaster, Matrox, VID Blaster, and there are many more. 

What kind of computer should I have? 

Any computer should work, Mac, PC, Chrome, Linux. What really matters is if you are using a software or hardware encoder.  If you are using a software encoder, please review their technical recommendations to determine what your computer will need. With a hardware encoder, the hardware does the encoding for you so you can simply connect it to the internet and turn it on and off to broadcast your live stream so you don’t even need a computer.   

What kind of internet should I have? 

You will either need DSL, Cable, or Fiber high-speed internet. To find out more about internet speeds Check out our help article, What Internet Speed Do I Need to Have to Stream?  

Can I see any analytics on who is viewing our live stream?

Yes. provides analytics on who is viewing, from where in the world, and on what type of device. 

Can I separate my audio from my video for podcasting? 

Yes! We have built an automatic audio separator for you to do just that.   

Does offer online giving?

Yes, you can have your live stream and online giving together on your website! While your viewers are watching your live stream, they can click to give online with any giving platform that allows you to link or embed it to your website.