Setup and Connection

We know streaming is new to many of you and there’s still a lot you’re unsure of. We’ll take a walk through from the beginning on getting connected. Step by step – from hooking up your equipment, understanding the encoders, to connecting to our platform, to navigating the client dashboard, understanding bitrates/resolution, and more.

Scheduling A Stream

Using the Event Scheduler may be confusing. We’ll help you understand this function better so you can plan your live event. If you’re looking to do something in advance, we’ll talk about uploading a pre-recorded service. We’ll also help you feel confident using the Automated Events feature and the right way to upload a video.


 Social Media and Embeds

All the things you need to know for connecting your stream to social media platforms and embedding your stream into apps and websites. The do’s and don’ts, what to be mindful of, and the changing rules from Facebook and YouTube.