Mobile Encoders

Wirecast Go

Stream high-quality productions on the go from your iPhone. Broadcast in portrait or landscape mode, or switch mid stream.


The Wowza GoCoder app allows you to quickly and easily broadcast a live stream via iOS or Android mobile device.

Switcher Studio

SwitcherStudio is a video mixing and encoding software that runs as an App on your iOS Device (iPhone or iPad).

Things To Consider


High-quality audio is vital for retaining your audience. Poor audio turns people off more quickly than poor video. Consider an external mic if possible.


Wi-Fi is usually preferred over 4G and other mobile data connections. It often provides greater throughput, providing a better overall stream. 


Some areas are already well-lit, but others (such as indoors or at night) need a bit of help. We recommend testing before starting your stream. 


You’ll want steady video capture so your audience doesn’t get seasick. Consider mounting your mobile device with a tripod, monopod or other accessories. 

Connecting To