What is Live Streaming and How Do I Get Started at My Church?

Why Should my Church Live Stream?

Live streaming isn’t just shooting a video and posting it for view at a later date. It’s live. It’s happening right then. The viewers are seeing what the people at the service are seeing, at the same time. But why do churches live stream? The two main reasons are, to connect with their members, and to grow their church. And, sometimes a bit of both.

To Keep Your Church Family Connected 

Live streaming is an opportunity to connect with congregants that are unable to make it to your service in person, for whatever reason. Consider your faithful older members. They’re less likely to come out in inclement weather and have longer stays in rehabilitation facilities after hospitalization. Around 60-70% of viewers are active church members. With so many people traveling for business or traveling to their kid’s sports tournaments, live streaming provides the opportunity for them to keep connected and up-to-date on your sermon series for when they get back the next week.

And think about it. If they can’t stay connected to their own church when they’re unable to be there in person, where do they turn? To another church that does live streaming?

To Grow Your Church 

Remember those people who couldn’t make it to their own church on the weekend? If their church isn’t streaming, they may go looking for a church that is–and connect with you!   

With live streaming, people outside your church can check you out, in a safe environment. It’s scary to visit a church. You have no idea how they behave. They may want to shake hands and hug! An article on the Worship Ideas website stated that “Young married couples (ages 24-34) who have recently moved into a town, will watch a live-streamed church service an average of 6 times before stepping foot in the church building.” Are they able to check you out? 

And if you’re thinking of expanding to a satellite campus, live streaming makes it possible. Many growing churches live-stream their sermon to another campus, incorporating their satellite campus’ live worship with the live feed. ChurchStreaming.tv includes DVR so satellite campuses can incorporate the live feed smoothly, without rushing their worship leaders to fit perfectly into the main campus timing. 

How Do We Get Started?

If you’re already projecting your Pastor or Priest onto large screens for your congregation to see better, you’re already half-way to live streaming. Your leadership team is used to being on camera and your congregation isn’t going to be nervous about it. You have a camera and probably at least a small A/V team.

Now all you need is streaming equipment and a provider.

The Basics. 

Though there can be many configurations as there are video cameras. But don’t let that stop you. There are really only two basic setup options.

Scenario 1:  

  1. Hook your camera up to streaming equipment which converts your feed (this is technically called “encoding”) into a format that can be sent over the internet. 
  2. You decide which of your viewing platforms (your website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) you want the live feed to go to, and where you want your files archived afterward.
  3. ChurchStreaming.tv makes it happen. 

Scenario 2:  

  1. Many cameras have built-in streaming equipment and your video is “magically” converted into a feed format that can be sent over the internet. 
  2. You still get to decide which of your viewing platforms (your website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) you want the live feed to go to, and where you want your files archived after ward.
  3. It can be that easy! 

Next Steps

When you sign up for your free 30-day trial, a ChurchStreaming team member will contact you and walk you through the setup. They’ll even recommend streaming equipment if you don’t already have it.

Then you can practice live streaming with a fully functional trial using all the features to get familiar with streaming and how it will help your church. Click here to join us today!